How to Identify and Take Advantage of Unused Space Around Your House

Chances are you have already noticed unused space around your house, so check out our article and make sure you are using all the areas in your home.

With house prices on the rise throughout the whole US, taking advantage of the space you have available is becoming a huge talking point. Areas such as your basement offer a great opportunity to add living spaces, rooms, and other improvements to your house.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common areas that can be converted into functional rooms around your house.

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The Benefits of Home Remodeling

Be it a single room or your entire house, remodeling jobs have an array of benefits for your family. These include:

Enhanced Comfort Levels

Adding living spaces, bedrooms, or entertainment rooms can help improve comfort levels for all members of your household. Not only will you give the impression of having a bigger house, but you may also create an area that can bring your family together or allow you to invite relatives more often.

Additional Room for a Growing Family

Young families that are looking to have children can always take advantage of the space they have available instead of purchasing a new house. The two main reasons why homeowners sell their homes are because they are looking for a bigger house or because they want to upgrade.[1] Remodeling your basement or attic can offer a great solution to adapt to a growing family without having to invest in a new home.    

Added Functionality to Your Home

Despite the fact that traditional designs focus more on visual appeal, modern homes tend to revolve around functionality.[2] Having a house that has plenty of storage areas and natural light can help improve your living experience and have a significant effect on the overall mood of your entire household.

Increased Property Value

One of the best things about home remodeling projects is that they increase your property value. Depending on the area you are remodeling and the enhancements you are making, you can cover your investment and even make some money if you decide to sell your house later on.

unused space

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Commonly Unused Areas Around Your Home

There are several parts of your house you can use for an array of purposes. Keep in mind that your home’s size and design will influence the space you have available.

The most commonly unused areas around your home are:

Backyard and Outdoors

When it comes to functionality, your outdoors may not be the first area of your house to come to mind. However, large outdoor areas can be used as living rooms, cooking areas, and even entertainment spaces that can become the centerpiece of your home.


Despite the fact that garages are often used for storage, they can also be remodeled and turned into an array of different rooms. This includes art studios, home theaters, guest bedrooms, workshops, and other additions that can benefit your entire family.

Additional Bedrooms

While young families are looking for bigger homes, older families actually have spare rooms that can be used for various purposes. Although entertainment centers are the first thing to come to mind, you can also consider turning a spare room into an office or workstation.


Like garages, attics are often used to store furniture or seasonal decorations. However, attic remodeling jobs tend to make great living rooms and bedrooms because they can use natural lighting to their advantage.


As we mentioned before, basements can be transformed into an array of different rooms. Not only this, but because they are among the most profitable projects, they make a great choice if you want to sell your house later on.

Take Advantage of Your Unused Spaces Today!

The unused space you have available will depend on your house’s design. In order to make sure you remodel the area of your house that has the most potential, contact Craftsman Custom today.

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