The Importance of Choosing the Right Floor for Your Kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen, you have to make sure you choose the best flooring – so check out our article and learn how to choose the best type for your home.

Whether you are building a new house or simply remodeling your cooking area, choosing the right flooring for your kitchen can help improve the overall appeal of your home. Kitchens are among the most popular rooms in our house because they are traditionally used for storing and preparing food. However, modern families are now using kitchens for socializing, work, and even to host guests.

How Much Value Do Kitchen Improvements Add to Your House?

There are many home improvements that add value to your home, and kitchens are among the most profitable.[1] Remodeling your kitchen is a hefty investment, but you can receive up to 51% of your return on investment if you sell your house. It helps improve your family’s overall comfort and significantly increases your house value, making kitchen improvements one of the most popular remodeling jobs out there.

Types of Flooring

Before going over the best type of floor for your kitchen, let’s look at the available options:

Hardwood and Bamboo

Hardwood and bamboo floors look amazing, but they require a great deal of maintenance. Moreover, they are not ideal for humid rooms and can stain easily, so they are not necessarily a great fit for your kitchen.


There are many benefits of choosing carpet floors. They help insulate a house,[2] and they are quiet and soft. However, kitchens tend to be messy areas, and cleaning carpets can become a nightmare, so your best bet is to keep these two separated.

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Laminate or Floating Wood

Laminate flooring, also referred to as floating wood, is made of synthetic material and is extremely easy to clean. It’s not as durable as other types, but it offers a great alternative that looks good and is easy to clean.

Concrete and Natural Stone

Natural stone and concrete floors look extremely nice, and depending on the type you choose, they can also be easy to clean. The main problem is that these floors are cold and hard, so they are not ideal if you have young children.


Vinyl was traditionally used in schools and hospital because it’s affordable, soft, and easy to clean. This awesome material is making a huge comeback, and thanks to new designs and production methods, it provides a great alternative to modern residential kitchens.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile tends to be expensive, but it may also be the most durable type of flooring. Note that while the tile is usually easy to clean, the grouting may require additional work!

The Importance of Choosing the Best Kitchen Floor

Choosing the best floor for your kitchen will not only affect its visual appeal but also its functionality. There are many benefits to choosing the right floor for your kitchen, such as:

Easy to Clean

You should always select a floor that is easy to clean. Kitchens tend to be very accident-prone, so you want to make sure you can simply mop up if you spill liquids or food on your floor.

kitchen floor

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Visually Attractive

As we mentioned before, your flooring will also impact your kitchen’s visual appeal. You can also make your kitchen look bigger by choosing the right colors and patterns.

Soft and Quiet

If you have children, having a quiet and soft floor can be extremely important. This may also help prevent broken dishes and appliances in case they slip out of your hand!

Durable and Resistant

Kitchen floors are exposed to a huge amount of foot traffic, so you need to select a flooring type that will maintain its shape and color for years to come.


Finally, you should always keep your budget in mind when selecting the ideal floor for your kitchen. Remember that for kitchens, more expensive isn’t necessarily always the best, so look at all options before committing to a floor type.

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