Popular Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

Be it an old family home or a house you purchased after years of hard work, owning property means you need to give it regular maintenance. Moreover, if you look at your house as in investment for the future, you may also want to tackle some remodeling jobs that enhance different areas around your house and add value to your property.

Before choosing the best home improvements, you should find a balance between remodeling an area that your family will love and one that provides a high return on investment. In this article, we will go over five awesome home improvements that add value to your home and that your family will enjoy.

The Impact of Home Improvements on Your Family

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Home improvements can add a lot of value to your home, but they can also have a huge impact on your family’s comfort levels. Case studies have shown that lack of organized storage and high-clutter areas can increase stress levels for mothers.[1] You can use a remodeling job to solve common problems around your house and take advantage of unutilized space around your home.

Home improvements that add value to your home also give you the possibility of addressing issues that may cause annoyance. For instance, if your house is dark, you can remodel an area of your house and place large windows, illuminating several rooms at the same time. You can also add improvements that increase productivity, like a home office or workspace.

Which Home Improvements Add the Most Value?

In order to determine what home improvements add value to your property, you have to compare the price of the investment versus the increase in your home’s approval. This means that the best remodeling job may vary from home to home, so always have a professional contractor inspect different areas of your home, and take their opinion into consideration when making a decision.

That being said, there are several improvements that typically increase property value. Below, you will find our take on the top five home improvements that add value to your home based on our experience and on valuations made by UK investing firm Zopa.[2]

Basement Remodeling

Unfinished basements are becoming more and more common as many people believe they have too many limitations. Basements are becoming one of the most coveted remodeling jobs because they have a huge amount of potential.

Basements can now be converted into an array of rooms, including additional bedrooms, workstations, entertainment rooms, home theaters, play areas, and much more. Depending on your home, you may even install large windows and illuminate what used to be the darkest area of your house!

Attic Conversion

According to the article by Zopa, attic conversions are the best home improvement that adds value to your property. Similar to basements, these areas are usually used primarily for storage, but they can be converted into additional bedrooms or living spaces.

Home Extension

Home extensions cover an array of different improvements ranging from building an additional floor to making a room bigger. Home extensions tend to substantially increase a house’s market value while giving you the possibility to build a creative outlet for your family.

Bathroom Addition

Adding a bathroom to one of your bedrooms or living rooms is not as expensive as other remodeling jobs, but it still has a high return on investment. This makes a great choice for families who only have one full bathroom and a limited budget.

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is the most popular room in your home.[3] A good remodeling job in your cooking area can add a significant amount to the price of your house and make an improvement that your family can enjoy on a daily basis.

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Choosing a Reliable Contractor

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