Choosing the Best Contemporary House Design for 2017

Designing your own home is a dream come true, but it also means a lot of research. Check out these six contemporary house designs you can use to build your new home. Building a custom home is almost everyone’s dream come true, but it can be just as scary as it is fulfilling. There’s a wide array of elements you have to consider – from the city and neighborhood you want to live in, to the requirements of your family. You also have to look towards the future and plan in case you want to have children or plan...


5 Awesome Benefits of Adding a Breakfast Bar

Adding a breakfast bar can have some great benefits for your entire household – read our article and find out more! In a day and age where traditional dining areas are being replaced by more versatile options, adding a breakfast bar seems to be on every homeowner’s to-do list. Breakfast bars are a synonym for chic, practical households that value experiences more than fancy dining tables. They work as both an accessory to your kitchen and as a statement, which makes them one of the hottest additions you can make to your home. But what’s so great about breakfast...


4 Tips For Financing a Basement Remodel

If you have an unfinished basement area you have probably thought about finding a practical use for that wasted space. It is also likely that you have seen articles and pictures to give you inspiration. You might even have some great ideas of your own on how to turn your basement into a highly useful and decorative area. You have just one problem – you have to pay for your basement renovation dream. We have previously looked at how much it is likely to cost you for your basement remodel.  Once you have a rough guide to how much...


5 Practical Ideas to Ensure Your Basement Remodel Runs Smoothly

It seems a complete waste to leave a basement area sitting undeveloped beneath a house. There are so many positive ways you could use your basement space, and virtually all of them would greatly add to the capital value of your home. We have recently covered a number of practical home basement remodel ideas in Amazing Basement Remodeling Ideas to Improve Your Home and 6 Basement Remodeling Ideas to Use That Wasted Space. When it comes to general home décor, much can be adapted to work in a basement setting. Most of the Forbes Top Home Influencers of 2017...


Home Basement Remodeling Tips From an Experienced Craftsman

bathroom in your basement

If you have an unfinished basement you have a huge potential to expand the usage of your home. Your basement might still be sitting there in the state it was when your house builders left the site. Or you might have partially used the space but never finished it off. Whatever your situation, we have some home basement remodeling tips that should give you extra space for a fraction of the cost of building an addition. 1.   Decide on the Intended Function of Any Remodel The starting point for any basement remodel is to decide how you intend...


What to Look for in a Basement Contractor

According to Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” This is is quite possibly how you feel about the idea of transforming your unfinished or disorganized basement space into something practical, useful, and pleasing to the eye. Yet, with the help of a good basement contractor, you can make it happen. However, you will have to do your homework to ensure that you pick a good, reliable basement contractor who will transform that wasted basement space into something functional, and even beautiful. So, what exactly should you look for in a basement contractor? Here are 5 key...


6 Basement Remodeling Ideas to Use That Wasted Space

Quite a few houses are built with large basement areas that serve no real purpose. They really are just wasted space. Fortunately, there are many great ways you could be using that space! Your investment doesn’t have to be huge. The cost mainly depends on how large an area you want to convert and the level of quality you aim for when you fit the space out. Here are some basement remodeling ideas that might help you to better use that wasted space. 1. Open Plan Living Space If you have a large basement space you might consider creating...


Amazing Basement Remodeling Ideas to Improve Your Home

If you have an unused basement area, there are many clever ways you could be making better use of that space. You can add to the value of your home and gain an outstanding facility for substantially less than the cost of building an add-on. Here are some amazing basement remodeling ideas that will hopefully give you the inspiration to improve your basement area. 1. Home Theater/Media Room Once you have a home theater a traditional T.V. in the lounge seems so down market! A home theater is the ultimate room for the film buff. Create one in your...


How to Save on Your New Bathroom in Your Basement Without Cutting Corners

Perhaps you have a family constantly fighting to get into your bathroom. You know you really need another bathroom but the cost of an add-on seems beyond you. If you have an unused basement area, then a better option may be to convert part of your basement to a bathroom. Yet, even a new basement bathroom may seem beyond your financial capabilities. While Richard Branson may be able to afford to say “Screw it, let’s do it!” when he has to make an expensive decision, most of us aren’t in that fortunate position. That doesn’t mean you have to...


Make Your Basement a Showplace Without Spending a Fortune!

Amazing budget-friendly basement design ideas How many times have you flipped through a design magazine and wished you had the money to duplicate the wonderful ideas you were looking at for your basement finish? And how many times have you walked into a basement and had a jaw-dropping reaction to the design, thinking it must have cost thousands and thousands of dollars to achieve that look? If you’re like most people who appreciate good design, it probably has happened multiple times! But here’s a surprise: Great design ideas for your basement finish do not have to be costly …...

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