Do I Need A Permit To Finish My Basement?

Do I Really Need A Basement Finish Permit? A building permit is required for finishing a basement from scratch as well as remodeling an existing finished basement. There are many negative implications for finishing a basement without a permit. I’ll cover some of those in a minute, but first, let me address the 2 most common reasons that people finish basements without a permit: 1. The owner did some or all of the work and didn’t realize that permits were required, or; 2. The owner hired a cheap basement finishing contractor that did the work under the radar and...


Does My Basement Need to Be Empty Before Construction Starts?

Do I Need To Empty The Basement Before You Start Finishing It? This is a question that I get asked at every single consultation I go to. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Typically, this question will be followed up with  ‘Can’t you just work in one area of the basement and then we’ll move the stuff to the other side so that you can work in the other side?’  – no. There are 2 main reasons why we require a basement to be completely empty before we are able to start construction: Efficiency  The ‘L’ word – Liability Liability...


Basement Finishing Financing: How to Finance a Finished Basement

I Know I Want To Finish My Basement, But How Can I Finance It? Finishing the basement of your home has many benefits including adding an extra bedroom, bathroom, a movie room, wet bar, fireplace or exercise room. Not only is finishing your basement a great investment into your family, it is also a great financial investment. But since money doesn’t grow on trees, what is the best way to finance a basement finish? (click here to see how much a finished basement in Colorado Springs typically costs) Basement finishing financing is probably easier than you think! Here are...


Basement Finishing Ideas: How Much Does A Wet Bar Cost?

Make Your Basement Awesome With A Wet Bar! Whether your weekends are spent chasing around little kids or kicking back with the boys watching the big game, adding a wet bar in your finished basement can add beauty, value and fun to your basement! There are many things to think about when considering whether a wet bar is a feature you should put into your basement finish. Do you have the room to comfortably fit a wet bar without making the space seem to small? Do you have access to water and drain lines nearby where you want...

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