Want to Turn Your Basement into a Bedroom? Here’s What to Do

Basements are often neglected and condemned to serve as a storage room, but they are usually prime candidates for becoming the most comfortable room in the house.

The notion that basements are dark storage areas is quickly becoming outdated. With the right remodeling job, your basement can quickly become the most comfortable room in your house. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a basement bedroom as well as the steps you need to take to transform the area below your floorboards into a sanctuary of comfort.

Is Turning Your Basement into a Bedroom a Good Idea?

basement into a bedroom

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We’ve all seen the beautiful jobs on social media pages, but is turning your basement into a bedroom really a good idea? Basement remodeling jobs tend to be expensive and require at least a few weeks to be completed properly.

That being said, building a basement bedroom is definitely a sound investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, finishing your basement is among the smartest home remodeling investments you can make. Not only this – because they tend to be luxurious and quiet, basement bedrooms delight whoever is lucky enough to stay in them!

How to Turn Your Basement into a Bedroom

Before going over the steps on how to turn your basement into a bedroom, it’s worth noting that all basements are different. You should look at the space you have available, get creative, and turn your basement into a functional and comfortable room.

Despite the fact that all jobs are different, certain elements should always be taken into account. In order to turn your basement into a bedroom, you have to:

Create an Emergency Escape Route

Safety is key, so the first thing you should do is design and build an emergency escape route. These can come in a variety of shapes, but you should always make sure there is a way to exit the room in case of emergencies.

Build and Insulate Your Walls

Once you have designated an emergency exit, you should start looking at your walls. You want your basement to be warm and cozy like all other bedrooms, so make sure the walls are adequately insulated and soundproofed to make it as comfortable as your other rooms.

basement into a bedroom

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Create the Illusion of Space with Your Ceiling

Adding space to a basement can be difficult, but having a high ceiling can help create the illusion of more space. Consider having an exposed ceiling that gives your basement room a temporary design while making it look bigger.

Use Natural Lighting Whenever You Can

Basements tend to be dark, so try to add as much natural light as possible. A series of windows should do the trick, or you can even opt for a glass emergency door that doubles as a source of natural light.

Choose the Right Layout, Design, and Colors

The combination of functionality and visual appeal is key to making your basement bedroom a success. Strip your basement and look at the space you have available to choose the right layout, color scheme, and design.

Install a Stunning Staircase

All basements have staircases, so instead of downplaying it, aim to impress. Create a beautiful staircase that works as an access point and the centerpiece of your decor. You can also get creative and set a theme with your staircase, i.e., modern New York studio, luxurious escape, and so on.

Choosing to finish your basement and build an additional bedroom is not an easy step to take, but you will not regret your decision. Use the tips we’ve outlined above to help you turn your basement into an impressive bedroom for guests or family members to enjoy.

If you are located in Colorado Springs, you can always contact Craftsman Customs and inquire about our basement remodeling services. Our experts will help you select the best layout and design, making sure your basement is transformed into the most peaceful room in your house.

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